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At Scrub America, we provide tile & Grout Cleaning in Houston families love. Make a stronger impression on clients, friends, and guests with a freshly cleaned surface!

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Thorough tile cleaning requires more than a quick pass with a sponge and some cleaner. Call on the experts for a deep clean you can trust. 

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Our pros utilize commercial grade cleansers—that are safe and environmentally friendly!—and a custom gentle yet thorough scrubbing system to fully clean and sanitize your grout.

Scrub America uses no damaging steam or high pressure! Grout is comprised of sand and adhesives. When steam or high pressure are used to clean grout, the polymers of the adhesives are broken apart. As a result, the grout is weakened and may even break, show pinholes, or come out in pieces. Scrub America uses no high pressure or steam to ensure the longevity of your grout.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grout Sealing FAQ's

For the most part, homeowners strive to keep their tile surfaces looking their best. However, tile and grout still take on a dirty, dingy look. Why is that?

  • Improper cleaning methods: Different types of material require different care. An abrasive cleaner has the potential to damage grout and tile. 
  • Porous material: Generally, grout is quite porous, which allows mold, grime, and bacteria to soak into it. 
  • Ineffective cleaning: While at-home cleaners can remove dirt from a surface, it can push grime deeper into the grout, causing a permanent stain.
  • Constant use: The grout and tile in high-traffic areas endure a significant amount of wear and tear. 

Without professional cleaning, bacteria, mold, and mildew can do more than simply stain grout. Over time, it can damage the walls and floors beneath the tile. This can leave you with time-consuming, expensive repairs. 

Call on Scrub America for professional tile and grout cleaning. We provide services to the Greater Houston Area, including Katy, Cypress, The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe, and surrounding areas.

There are many benefits to working with the grout cleaning team at Scrub America! 

  1. Restore the Appearance of Your Floor: We use specialized equipment designed to lift and remove dirt and grime that settles into the grout. This helps to revitalize your floor, bringing new life to it through a thorough, deep clean. 
  2. Get Ride of Mold and Bacteria: When grout gets dirty, it becomes a great environment for mold and bacteria. Only a professional cleaning service has the equipment and materials needed to sterilize the floor. 
  3. No Damage to Grout or Tile: Different types of tile and grout require different cleaning methods and materials. At Scrub America, we come equipped with the equipment and materials necessary for tile and grout cleaning without damaging the floor. Our team has the experience and expertise needed to know when and where to use each type of cleaner. 
  4. Extend the Lifespan of Tile and Grout: Proper cleaning helps to improve the longevity of tile and grout. With regular professional cleaning appointments, you protect and preserve your floor. 
  5. Time and Cost Efficient: While it may seem that DIY cleaning is a great way to save time and money, you have to consider every factor. From the cost of equipment and cleaners to the potential for damage and repair, it adds up quickly. With Scrub America, you have a reliable, speedy grout cleaning team ready to act quickly.

After your cleaning session, all you have to do is stay off the surface for about 30 minutes. If we apply a sealant to the surface, avoid getting any liquid on it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, it’s safe to place your furniture, rugs, etc, on the floor. We recommend using felt pads below the furniture legs to avoid damage to tile. 

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