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At Scrub America, we stand out as the top choice for grout sealing across Houston. We are confident our sealant will help provide the proper care can maintenance your surfaces deserve.

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Our grout sealing Service process

Once the grout has been deep cleaned, Scrub America offers Grout Sealing Service to protect it from everyday dirt, grime, spills, and debris. Our color sealant adheres to the sand in your grout and creates a bond. This bond creates a physical barrier between everyday messes and your porous grout. Discoloration or variations in grout color are also corrected with our color sealing process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Grout Sealing FAQ's

Generally, grout is a mixture of cement and sand. When you don’t seal your grout, it allows it to absorb water, stains, and bacteria. With a sealer, you have a layer of protection that makes your grout water-resistant

Typically, tile sealing is reserved for more porous materials, such as natural stone. For other types of tile, such as porcelain or glazed ceramic, we wouldn’t recommend sealing. However, this requires a different type of sealer.

When you invest in professional cleaning or installation, sealing ensures that your grout performs optimally, for longer. Additionally, it provides a few other benefits.

  • Damage prevention: Annual sealing protects your grout, which also protects your tiles.
  • Beauty preservation: Sealing allows the grout to resist grime and dirt, helping it look better.
  • Easy maintenance: With sealed grout, removing grime is simple and quick.

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