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Are you feeling embarrassed by the condition of your tile floors? Has the once-light grout turned an unsightly brown or black color? Look no further than Scrub America for all your Tile & Grout Cleaning in Houston needs.

Regular maintenance can only do so much to combat the buildup of dirt, oils, and food particles on tile and grout surfaces. Despite your best efforts with cleaning and mopping, the residue from dirty water settles into the grout lines, gradually staining them over time.

But fear not! Scrub America specializes in the restoration of tile surfaces, bringing them back to their original glory. Our team of experts is well-versed in the art of Tile and Grout Cleaning in Houston, utilizing safe and effective techniques.

Our process begins by applying a non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning solution to the floor, loosening the deeply ingrained residue. We then employ our patented floor tools, which use heated water at a safe cleaning pressure. As the water is blasted onto the floor surface, up to 5 gallons per minute, it is contained within a dome-shaped apparatus and immediately vacuum-extracted. This leaves the floor surface almost dry, with no risk to well-constructed floors.

Save yourself the time and effort spent scrubbing and attempting to clean your floor on your own. Don’t be swayed by self-cleaning methods or advertised miracle cleaning chemicals, as they often prove harmful to your grout.

Scrub America, trustable tile and grout cleaning company in Houston provides fast, effective, and affordable solutions that truly work. Our expertise extends beyond tile floors, as we are adept at cleaning any hard surface, including natural stone, travertine, brick, concrete, and stucco. We can even tackle vertical wall-type surfaces if needed.

Experience the transformation of your tile and grout with Scrub America. Say goodbye to embarrassment and hello to beautifully restored floors. Contact us today to discover how we can make your tile surfaces shine like new again.

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